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#2006 Grader
Versions #3 and 4
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Doepke #2006 Adams Road Grader

    The Adams Road Grader is probably the most common
    of the Doepke construction toys. They were one of two
    Doepke toys built to 1:12 scale (as was the Bulldozer).

    They were introduced in 1948 and were likely continued
    through 1956. This toy also went through numerous
    minor manufacturing changes, but I believe there were 4
    significant versions. Paint color was a major factor in
    these versions.

    The photos below will also highlight other differences.
Version #1  -  1948
Although all Doepke Road Graders looked great, the first version, which came in what was advertised
as "brilliant orange" paint, is a strong favorite among collectors.
For reasons unknown, only
the 1948 graders had the
"No.512" included as part of
the seat decal.
Doepke was proud to include
the "authorized by" decal to
emphasize their product's
authentic representation.
Only the first version
graders used the unpainted
round-headed rivet to hold
the blade circle.
Early graders had 5 different
positions for the blade angle,
later versions had only 3.
Very early graders used a
5-pointed lock washer,
instead of the 9-pointed
version shown here, to
mount the rear wheel
The engine housing did not
have an exhaust stack (as
did the real thing).
The location of the box
content labels was not
always consistent.
This first year Adams Grader
box is dated 1948.
Version #2  -  1949 - 50
Second version toys were painted yellow. They retained most of the first version features with a few
exceptions as noted below. The precise dating of these changes is not possible.
The second version toys
omitted the blade circle
The inner blade circle was
now held in place by
simple crimp-over tabs.
The only difference here is
the absence of the
"No.512" decal.
The second version toys
used the one piece tie rod
as did the first version.
Here the content label is
on the end of the box.
This second version box,
by Fairfield, is dated 1950.