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American Airlines Set
#2015 Doepke Airport Set

Rumors persist that the Doepke Airport Set was
available with lettering for several different
airlines other than those shown here. If these do
indeed exist, they are extremely rare. The only
two versions I have ever seen are those shown
at right; American Airlines and TWA.

The Airport Set remained basically unchanged
through its production years from 1954 through
1956 with the only exception being the color of
the second trailer.
The Aluminum skirts with
the Airline logos are
often missing from these
The TWA version is much
harder to find than the
American Airlines
The second trailer came
in at least three different
shades of green and
even in black!
This poor condition box
nevertheless gives an
idea of how these toys
were packaged.
Notice the American
Airlines decal on the
Here too. Does this
mean all Airport Set
boxes were marked with
the specific airline?
The Model Toys decal
always appeared on the
seat back
The red paint of the
Clark tractor chipped
very easily. Finding a
nice one is real tough.
The front wheels of the
Clark tractor were
sometimes marked with
the inexplicable label,
"Red Rascal."
The drive wheels of the
Clark Tractor were
marked "Model Toys
Rossmoyne Ohio."
Included with TWA Set
Included with TWA Set
Included wit TWA Set