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Introduced in the Spring of 1954, the Doepke MT
(MG) was an instant hit. It looked fabulous with its
true-to-life detailing and its hefty size.

The MT came in kit form. Early kits included a
body that was left in primer - allowing the builder
to add their own custom paint job.

Later versions were primarily red, but there were
also light yellow and black versions produced -
these two colors are extremely scarce today.

The MT production run was from 1954 to at least
I purchased this unassembled kit from Mr. Bill Portman who was in charge of the Nestier parts tray
division at Doepke. It has never been assembled.
This example still has its original factory paint - as evidenced by the bare area under the hood - see
below. This demonstrates that this toy was dip-painted, not sprayed. Also note great dash decal.
The primer paint on this original car is in excellent condition. Whoever assembled it didn't want to bother
with applying a color coat. It still looks good!
Here is an example of a custom color applied by either the original owner or someone who restored the
car at a later date. The "British Racing Green" color choice gives this car a true vintage classic look.