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Introduced in 1955, the #2018 Jaguar proved just
as popular as the MG.

The Jaguar was offered in two colors, but original
red ones are almost non-existent today. Baby blue
is the predominant hue.

Primer versions were not available, but fully
assembled versions were. They came in a plain
brown box similar to the Doepke construction toys.

With real "style-setter" lines and realistic looking
chassis details, the Doepke Jaguar was an
enjoyable kit to assemble and a wonderful toy.
As with the MG kit on the previous page, this never-assembled Jaguar also came from Mr. Bill Portman
of the Doepke Co. These two kits were the only Doepke toys he had acquired during his years there.
Showing signs of mild play wear, this condition 8 example may have been purchased and assembled by
dad rather than child. It is missing one rear bumper and the dash decal.
Reportedly this is an original red Jaguar - but I have my doubts. The paint appears almost too good and
there are no inside paint sags or voids one might expect if it was dip-painted. Looks cool, though.