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#2001 Barber-Greene Bucket Loader

A wonderful, complicated, and intriguing toy!
Fritz Doepke reports that the company spent
$50,000 developing the prototype.

Introduced in 1946 and offered through 1950,
the Bucket Loader underwent numerous changes
throughout its production run. There are four
basic versions.

The examples shown below illustrate many of
the variations that occurred over time.
Version #1  -  1946
Commonly referred to as the "Swivel Chute," this 1946 first version toy used a wheel, string, and
pulley system to move the discharge chute from side to side.
The white waxed string
passed through a small hole
drilled in the wheel shaft -
which frequently broke at
this weakened point.
Another feature found only
on Version #1 bucket loaders
was this spring-loaded chain
The tension arm for the
tracks was also
spring-loaded on Version #1
The bucket tower lift arms
were riveted to the wheel
shaft flange.
Version #2  -  1947
The swivel chute feature was soon dropped, most likely due to complaints that the swivel control
wheel shaft broke very easily. However, the forward wheel, which was used to tilt the bucket tower
forward for transport, remained on the left side for 1947. The auger assembly remained unchanged
throughout production.
Note that the tower lift
arms are connected by a
shaft in place of the
rivets used in 1946.
The spring-loaded track
tension arm used in 1946
was omitted in favor of
an arm that was simply
spot-welded in place.
The spring-loaded chain
tensioner was also
omitted for 1947.
The hole for the chain
tensioner shaft was
never eliminated on
later production models.
#2001 Barber-Greene