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#2013 Barber-Greene Bucket Loader

A magnificent machine! Doepke's second
generation bucket loader was again authentically
modeled after the real thing - in great detail!

It was built to 1:16 scale and was introduced in
1953 and was probably continued through 1956.

There is only one version of this toy. The only
changes were in tire manufacture and tread
design. It's "achilles heel" was the feed-out belt.
They often broke (as did the one shown here.)
The lever (which almost looks like a driver's seat) controlled the position of the bucket tower and
conveyor belt platform. At the left is the transport position. At right is the loading position.
The shorter chain kept things operating smoothly
and efficiently.
The auger system was basically the same as the
earlier model bucket loaders, but used a larger
diameter shaft.
The diamond tread step-plate was found only on
the left side of the toy and never on the right.
This example features Firestone lug tires, but
they've also been found with turf and Good Year
Doepke boxes often bear the markings of more
than one store.
By this time Fairfield no longer used an easy to
understand date code on their boxes. The
meaning of "WEMDCEANHE"  is unknown.
#2013 Barber-Greene