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#2012 Bulldozer
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Version #3  -  1954-56
Doepke #2012 Bulldozer

Triplets? Not exactly. From outward appearances
Doepke Bulldozers seemed to remain unchanged
during their production run.  

There were, however, three significant versions
from their introduction in 1952 through 1956. The
photos below illustrate their differences.

The D-6 Bulldozer was one of two Doepke toys
built to 1:12 scale (the other was the #2006
Adams Road Grader).
The photo at left best illustrates the three
versions of the Doepke D-6 Bulldozer.

The 1952 version uses a split center axle (pivot
axle for the blade) and a black spring track-

The 1953 version uses a full-length center axle
and the black spring track-tensioner.

The 1954-56 version uses a full-length center
axle but omits the black spring track-tensioner.
Another variation involves the background color
of the "Caterpillar" decals. The early versions
used a gold background, whereas the later
versions used a yellow background.

A slight variation in the hue of the yellow plastic
used to mold the engine blocks can also be
detected in the following photographs.
Version #1  -  1952
The bulldozer blade could be locked in three different positions. Only one "Model Toys" decal was
used - always on the seat back.
Center blade pivot axle
is "split" - using two
separate short axles.
Track-tensioner spring.
Note slotted holes in
frame for front track axle.
Version #2  -  1953
Notice the mini-catalog. 1953 was the first year the catalog covers were marked with the name of the
toy. The contents of the catalogs, however, were identical (unlike catalogs used in previous years).
The full-length blade
pivot axle.
The track-tensioner
spring remained on the
1953 version along with
the slotted frame.
If you can find one at this
price today - buy it!
The "C-3" code indicates
this box was
manufactured in 1953.