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#2009 Euclid
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Doepke #2009 Euclid Dump Truck

The Euclid took the place in the Doepke line-up
of the popular Wooldridge Dump Truck. Unlike
the Wooldridge, the cab unit could be
uncoupled from the trailer.

It was made to 1:16 scale and there were
virtually no significant changes (except color)
throughout its production run from 1949
through 1956.

A versatile, well-made construction toy!
Version #1 - Orange
The first version of this toy (1949) was Orange, as is this 1950 edition. It is uncertain which year the
Orange color was discontinued.
The "Model Toys" decal
appeared only in one
place on the Euclid.
The phrase "authorized
by" was not used in this
case, but the Pioneer
symbol was well known.
Looks like the price was
changed from $12.95 to
The box dates this toy
to 1950.
Version #2 - Olive Green
The Olive Green color was not popular with parents who were leery of war associations. It is not
known for certain what years the Euclid was painted Olive Green.
The presence of
Firestone turf tires
indicates this toy was
produced in 1953 or later.

Although turf tires were
mounted on the back
axle, the front powered
axle used lug tires.
Version #3 - Forest Green
Forest Green was considered more "politically correct" and made for a very attractive toy. It is
believed this color was introduced in 1953 or later.
The decal remained the
same as in previous