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#2011 Heiliner
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Doepke #2011 Heiliner Earth Scraper

The term "Beautiful Beast" aptly describes the
Doepke Heiliner. Built to 1:16 scale, this Model
Toy faithfully represents the real thing.

Other than tire and decal changes the Heiliner
remained basically unchanged during its
production run from 1951 through 1956.

The two examples shown here represent the
minor variances between early and late period
Early Version  -  1951-52
Later Version  -  1953-56
The Good Year lug
tire was a highly
detailed and
The Firestone turf
tire didn't appear on
Doepke toys until
This early example
has the "Model
Toys" decal on the
rear deck.
This later example
had the "Model
Toys" decal on the
front bumper as
shown below.
These large Heil hub
caps are hard to find
if you're missing one.
Basically identical,
except for tires and
This lever controlled
the movement of the
pan, allowing it to
either load or dump.
This thumb wheel
controlled the depth
of the cut.
An original Doepke
stack is smooth,
without any seams.
At $16.75 this was
the most expensive
construction toy.
The "Heiliner" decal
Although the box is
rough it still has the
original packing
    At some point, the Doepke
    Company produced a special
    order Heiliner for the International
    Harvester Company.

    The same red color was used.
    The decals, however, identified it
    as an  "International Payscraper"
    even though the front hub caps
    still read "Heil."

    These IH toys are very rare.
The box date code
of "C-2" indicates
the year of
manufacture as 1952.