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#2002 Cement Mixer
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Version #3  - 1948-49
Doepke #2002 Cement Mixer

"Ill-fated" might be a good way to describe the
Doepke Cement Mixer. It was dropped from the line
due to numerous complaints that it actually made
cement (which often hardened in the drum).

Built to 1:16 scale from 1947 through 1949, the
Mixer was an excellent replica of the actual Jaeger
machine in use during that era.

There were three basic versions whose differences
are illustrated below.
Version #1  -  1947a
The very earliest Cement Mixers of 1947 featured large pulley wheels for lifting the materials chute.
These early mixers are rare due to the fact that the pulleys were soon omitted.
The lift strings probably
tended to slip on the
pulley wheels - leading
to their demise.
Another 1947 feature
was the use of the
spot-welded two piece
concave wheel.
Barely visible in this
photo is a protruding
tooth on the mixer drum
for the drive chain.
These are found only on
early models.
The crank handle to turn
the mixing drum was
held on by a rubber
sleeve over the end of
the shaft.
The material chute lift
arms were notched for
the string.
Front corner posts were
different than those
used at the rear - they
were not drilled.
Version #2  -  1947b
The major difference from Version #1 was the absence of the pulleys. Other minor variations are
pictured below.
The lifting string for the
materials chute was now
simply tied to the shaft.
The concave wheels
continued for the
remainder of 1947.
The teeth on the mixing
drum were eliminated.
A crimp on the end of
the drum crank shaft
replaced the rubber
No notches were
present in the ends of
the material chute lift
All four corner posts
were now
simplifying the assembly
line process.