Nestier Parts Bins
About Doepke Toys
During my correspondence with Fritz Doepke and Wade Atkinson, another Doepke employee came to
my attention. His name was Bill Portman. His job actually involved an attempt by the Doepke brothers
to diversify their product line by manufacturing portable parts bins.  They called them “Nestier” bins.
The handles were made to fold underneath the bin to allow them to be stacked or “nested” on the
workbench. The word Nestier appears on some Doepke stationery letterheads as well as old photos
of the Doepke plant.
Because this set is so small (bins are only 5" long), I believe it is a "salesman's sample." The decal
appeared on one side only.
The handles folded up
for carrying the bin.
When folded down they
served as a perch for
the next bin above it.
At right is an actual
Nestier parts bin that is in
the collection of Doepke
collector Hal Holmes. Note
the mesh bottom. All bins
may not have had this
feature. Thanks, Hal!
This particular bin is
17.5" long, 9" wide
and 6" tall. Other
sizes were available.

From March, 1953
issue of
Playthings magazine