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#2010 Pumper
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The #2010 Pumper remained relatively unchanged during its production run from 1952 through 1956.
The only exception being the rear hose compartment and rear deck treatment. I believe the pumper
on the left is an early version toy. Notice the smooth rear deck and the absence of ribs in the hose
compartment floor of the early version and the absence of the hand rail on the later version.
It is possible that both Pumpers are from 1952. The MIB example came with the 1952 booklet. It is
still a mystery to me.
The hose real knob on
the early versions was
red. Later versions used
The black hose is not
original. 3.5' of red hose
was supplied with the
This plastic hose nozzle
is original and very rare.
The plastic hose
connector on the side of
the water tank is also
very hard to find.
An original Doepke
ladder has only 10 rungs.
Replacements often
have 11.
The plastic hard suction
hose is often missing.