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Yardbird - Version 1
Super Yardbird
#2033 - Handcar  -  1956-59
In its second year, the hand-car was shortened to 27.75" and the lead wheels were reduced in
diameter. Also, the color was now a two-tone blue with red handles. It sold for $22.95. If ordered with
8 sections of track it was listed as #2024 and cost $39.95. This car (except tower) was restored by me.
An inverted u-shaped steel pin (not shown)
coupled the cars together.
Note the absence of the guide rollers featured on
the first version Yardbird.
#2025 - Flatcar  -  1956-59
The Flat Car (formerly called the Trailing Car) was also shortened  to 27.75". The number of side
hand-holds was reduced to two. All of these  changes were obviously designed to reduce the toy's weight
 - and make cranking easier! A wooden framework was available to convert the flat car into a gondola.