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At the New York Toy Fair in March
of 1955 the Charles William Doepke
Mfg. Co. introduced two "new
concepts in toy design;" the Rolybird
and the Yardbird.

The Rolybird was marketed as a
sidewalk toy with unique safety
features over other pedal toys of the
time. First, it had a very low center
or gravity making it almost
impossible for the driver to tip it over.

Second it's basic construction served
as a roll cage surrounding the
operator with safety.

The toy was well made - up to the
established high quality standards of
the Doepke Model Toys line.

Was it ever produced in quantity? No
one knows for sure. There are only a
few (less than a handful) known to
have survived.

The example pictured on the
following pages has been
RESTORED (by myself).  The colors
are as close as I could come using
the color ad shown at right. (Source
and date of this ad are unknown.)