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#2023 Searchlight
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Considered by many to be the "crowning glory" of the Doepke line, the #2023 Searchlight is highly
sought after. Made for only two years (1955 and 1956), and most likely in limited numbers, the
Searchlight truck is considered very rare.
The only known variation on this truck was in the color of the searchlight housing. On this toy it is
white, but others have been found with silver colored housings.
This decal is unique to
the Searchlight truck.
Looks like everything
is working properly!
The louvered cover
slides up to reveal the
battery compartment.
The box is dated 1954,
but Doepke used
#2010 Pumper boxes
for the Searchlight
A stamp was made to
block out the "No.
2010 Pumper" and
replace it with "2023
Searchlight Truck."