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1950 MIB Example
Doepke #2007 Unit Crane

Produced from 1949 through at least 1954,
Doepke's Unit Crane was a very popular toy. It
was built to 1:16 scale.

There were basically two versions of this toy.
The distinguishing feature between the two was
the presence of a thumbwheel-control to rotate the
cab. This feature was found only on the first
version toys.

Other slight differences are noted below.
Version #1  -  1949
The thumb-wheel cab-rotation control worked well but was probably deemed unnecessary and
therefore it was eliminated for the following year (undoubtedly saving money on production costs).
This was the first year
Firestone tires were used on
a Doepke toy.
The tread design was unique
and a copy of the real thing.
It is reported that some of
the very first Unit Cranes had
brash bushings for the hand
crank shafts.
The control cable bay did not
have the cable guide as on
the second version toy
There were two pins used to
connect the boom halves.
One had to be inserted by
the purchaser.
A rubber bushing was used
to secure the boom
mounting pin.
Version #2  -  1950-54
The second version of the Unit Crane omitted the thumb wheel cab-rotation control. Other changes
are noted below.
This second version toy
features Good Year tires.
It is likely that both
Firestone and Good
Year tires were
used throughout  
Second version booms
were now connected
with rivets.
An inverted "V" shaped
cable guide first
appeared on Version #2.
Some boom pulleys were
of steel, others of brass.
Pulley hooks were
usually made of flat
metal, but round hooks
have been reported.
#2007 Unit Crane