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1957 Wood Toys Catalog
The photo ad at right, taken from the
March, 1957 issue of
magazine, shows the Doepke brothers
(Fred "Fritz" at left and Charles) with their
new line of Preschool Toys.

The line was truly impressive in regards to
quality, ingenuity, and extensiveness.
Many of them would look right at home on
the shelves of today's toy stores.

The complete 1957 catalog is shown
elsewhere on this site.

Sadly, approximately two years from the
date of this photo, the Charles William
Doepke Manufacturing Co. would close its
doors for good.
Wood Toy Collection
My collection of Doepke wood toys is very
limited. This line was never a focus of my
hobby, but I wanted to have a few for

The two toys shown at the left in this photo
were not in the initial 1957 catalog and
were probably 1958 additions to the line.

A collector wishing to acquire one example
of each Doepke wood toy will have their job
cut out for them. Certain items are not easy
to find, and when found command
significant prices (in the $300 range!).

A very nice line of Doepke toys!
One of the more common Doepke wood toys.
Several paint variations are known.
Another relatively common toy. The larger card-
board box was used to ship 6 fireplug toys.
This toy originally came with "soft-rubber cannon
balls." Missing bead on end of pull rope.
A toy similar (but not exactly the same) is in the
1957 catalog. Date of manufacture is uncertain.
This toy was added to the line in 1958. It used
components from similar toys.
I only have the empty box for this toy, but it's a
good example of typical wood toy packaging.