Doepke Construction Toys
#2000 Wooldridge
Version #3 - 1948-49
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Doepke Construction Toys
Doepke #2000 Wooldridge Dump Truck

    This was the first toy produced by the company. They
    were marketed from 1946 through 1949. It was built to   
    1:16 scale.

    Although many slight changes occurred during its four
    year production run, there are 3 significant versions of
    this toy. The most recognizable distinguishing
    characteristic is the wheel hub treatment as can be seen
    in the photo at right.

    The photos below will also highlight other differences.
Version #1  -  1946
I believe this very toy was the first 1946 Wooldridge produced at the factory - I call it "Adam." As
proof, see the insert photo at left and notice the missing rib!
 (just a little humor there)
The first version wheel had a
small hub which was integrally
molded into the outer wheel
The rear hook shown here is
very rare. It is likely that only
the very first toys had this
This lever releases the
bottom dump doors by
moving back the  spring
steel latch.
The round-headed rivets
used to hold the spring steel
latch mechanism to the dump
Toys produced during the
first two years used angle
sheet stock for the front  
Commonly referred to as
"T-bar" steering, this feature
appeared in 1946 and 1947.
Version #2  -  1947
Toys found in their original boxes are highly prized by collectors. They are also very useful in
documenting production characteristics for a given year.
The wheels on this toy
were held on by a flat
disc-shaped cap, larger
than the 1946 hub.
As mentioned above, the
tow hook soon
disappeared from the rear
cross member.
The dump lever remained
unchanged from the
previous year.
No changes here either.
The front step continued
to be made with angle
stock sheetmetal.
The steering remained the
same as 1946.
Doepke boxes are very
hard to find - especially in
good condition.
Notice the "47" date
stamped on the bottom of
the box manufacturer's