Department Store Trucks
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Grand Way
First National
Enjoy your trip back in time when malls were non-existant. But...
Outer Space
First, let's do some shopping!
Can you determine the year this
photo was taken? Here are some
clues based on information con-
tained on this website:

Note the Doepke toys on the top
shelf - the Wooldridge has large
hub-caps. There's a Doepke Mixer
and Bucket Loader too.

There's also a Druge Straddle
Carrier in front of the Wooldridge.

Notice the Nylint Lift-Truck on the
4th shelf from the top.

These clues mean that this photo
could not have been taken any
earlier than _______ (?)
[answer at bottom of page]

Can you find the Little Giant forklift
and the PMC Farmall M tractor?
A few years later...
Fortunately, the back of this photo
is dated and its location marked as
well. It was taken at Christmas
time in 1954 at Myher Hardware
(wherever that may have been).

The top shelf features an orange
Nylint grader and a Tournarocker.

There are plenty of Tonka trucks,
some Lumar toys, Buddy L and
Wyandotte trucks, and even a
Wolverine truck.

In the small toy category there are
several boxes of Goodee toys by

What would today's value be on
this great display? If we only knew
Answer: 1948