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Auto Transports
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The cars were called "Goodee"
cars and made by the Excel
This Near Mint Dunwell Auto Transport
is a spectacular example of a quality toy.
Although this is a light green trailer, a
dark green version can also be found.
Livestock Transports
Dunwell Livestock
Red Star Express
The Red Star Express was not a private
label truck, but part of the regular line.
Note: The Red Star Express decal was
also used on some Grain Hauler trailers.
An ad from the 1960 Spiegel Christmas Catalog shows
the Buckeye double-trailer set. It's advertised at 4' long!   
I passed up a chance to buy one at auction many years      
ago. Have never seen another since. Note side stripe
The Buckeye version used a single-axle
trailer and omitted the red stripe decal.
SnowCrop Refrigerators
The Fame truck in the middle is a very
light cream color. Only the first issue
Dunwell  has the front decal.
Note cab doors showing different
Trucks in the same order showing
different rear door treatments.
Buckeye boxes were a step up from
those used by Dunwell in terms of
added color.
Sometimes Buckeye trucks came
through without the holes punched in
the wheel discs.
Log Haulers
Dunwells with their original boxes are
awfully hard to find.
There should be two chains to hold the
nine 7/8" x 16" logs in place.
The rear wheel discs on the Buckeye
truck above are also unpunched.
Dunwell boxes were very plain. $3.75
was the price for this nifty #1006 Log
Note: The Log Hauler included with the
Tractor and Trailer Set by Fame was
identical to the Dunwell version,
except, of course, for the cab decal.