Dunwell/Buckeye Photo Gallery  
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Tractor and Trailer Sets
The Dunwell white Tractor and Trailer Set is extremely rare.
The Fame version featured a blue Steel Hauler and pale
green Grain Hauler.
Private Label Trucks
Certainly one of the most colorful of
all the Dunwell/Buckeye private label
trucks! Beautiful graphics and
detailed decals make this one a
favorite. Reportedly, you had to send
away to the Land-O-Lakes company
to get one of these.
Reportedly, only one of these trucks was given to each
Kroger store as a promotional item - making them very rare
This Private Label truck may have only been available in
the Western USA area.
An extremely rare private label truck. Only the second one
I've ever seen.
Also quite rare - especially in Near Mint condition as this
The U.S. Mail may be the rarest of all Dunwell trucks. Very
few have been found.
The People's Express was a Private Label truck created for
People's Drug Stores.