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Orange Juice Semi-Tractor-Trailer Truck by Structo
Candy Trucks
There's nothing as fresh as orange juice trucked all the way from Florida. This colorfully decorated truck
was part of the regular Structo line and is therefore not a private label truck. Nice proportions, though.
Flavor-Kist Semi-Tractor-Trailer Truck by Structo - Version 1
The grille on this Structo truck (and the one above) places it around 1963 or '64. Another version of this
truck featured an all-red cab. The side-access door on these trailers was a unique feature.
Flavor-Kist Semi-Tractor-Trailer Truck by Structo - Version 3
This Flavor-Kist truck was a later version, but it still used the same trailer - only the doors were now
painted white instead of red. Like Marx, Structo knew how to get a lot of mileage out of one trailer design.
The squared-off lines and the massive front grille
date this truck to about 1965.
One odd thing about these Structo semis was the
extended tractor dual wheels. Strange.