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A&P Semi-Tractor-Trailer Truck by Marx
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One of the all-time greats, when it comes to supermarket trucks, is the Marx A&P semi. Many remember
the neighborhood A&P store as their primary source for groceries. This truck may have been patterned
after the 1958 Chevrolet commercial vehicle design. Dates of toy production are not known.
Superb graphics all around! Founded in 1859, A&P stores are still in operation today - in fact there are
currently over 400 A&P stores in the U.S. and Ontario. Do you know what "A&P" stands for? The
name? See answer at the bottom of this page.
Even the box graphics were exceptionally well done. Looks like this toy was originally purchased for some
lucky youngster in the Mayerchek family.
Answer: "The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company"