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Marx Metal Cities Service Station
Marx service stations are beautifully detailed and came with lots of accessories. The example shown
here is not complete. It is missing the cars and an automatic "car ejector" set-up in the garage.
Each boxed service station came with "easy-to-follow" assembly instructions. This set still has the
original green bag the parts came in and the red bag that contained the cars (now long gone).
All accessories were plastic. The oil change rack is often the first item broken or missing. The gas
pumps are hard to find with their original paper labels intact. Excellent realism and detail!
Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of these gas stations was their outstanding lithography - giving a
sense of really being there. Even the clock and the proverbial phone on the wall are included.
Often passed over, but nonetheless interesting, are the interior lithographs. They make you want to go
back in time and explore the "clean floor" environment of that well-maintained gas station of long ago.
Notice the trees that can be viewed through the
windows and the alignment marks on the floor.
The station sign beckoned customers loyal to the
Cities Service brand of gasoline.
The original box carries no date of manufacture information. These were most likely available in the
mid to late 1950's.