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Some believe this was the first authentic gasoline
station promotional toy - used by an oil company
to generate sales. I don't know for sure, but it was
certainly an attractive item for a late 1940's toy.

The "Truck Service" building was the shipping box.
All items shown here were tightly packed inside
this box. The roof sign was once part of the
"missing" front door.

Perhaps a little crude by later standards, but I'm
sure many a youngster spent hours playing with
this neat gas station replica. Good job, GULF!

I made a plexiglass cover for this display.
Two nice "swoopy" looking vehicles came with this set. They were made by the Jane Francis Co. The
truck bed was completely enclosed so you couldn't actually haul anything in it.
Don't forget to pick up a set of new white tires
while you're filling up your tank!
Simple lever-operated hoist was supposed to be
mounted to the cardboard by folding metal tabs.
Get that "Good Gulf No-Nox" gasoline for your
car. Especially at 25 cents a gallon!
Purely an artist's conception. Interesting station
details shown below.
To do what?
It's hard to believe everything came packed inside
this shipping box. "An
Authorized TOY"