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During the late 1940's through the 1960's there were a number of oil companies looking for a gimmick
to increase gasoline sales. One very popular technique involved offering a toy (with the company logo,
of course) at a reduced price to attract customers.

Gulf produced a very nice miniature gas station in the late forties that many consider the forerunner of
the promotional gasoline toys. An example of this early toy is included on this site.

For many, however, it was Texaco who became the recognized leader in this field. In 1959 they began
an annual toy offering to promote sales. It lasted for many decades thereafter and is still used to this

Other brands also participated in these toy promotion tactics. Cities Service used many toys in its
advertising efforts. Phillips 66 had a unique approach with its Yacht. And, Amoco used the Nylint
Econoline wrecker as a promotional toy.

Besides the toys used in gas sale promotions, toy manufacturers also produced toys with gasoline
brand names. These may have never been used as premium items, but nevertheless have their place in
Gas Station Toy history.

The toys featured in this section, however, are only those used as sales promotional items. You may
find toys with gas station logos in the various other sections of this site, but most of them were not used
as lures by the oil companies.