Hubley Mighty Metal Trucks
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As shown in the ad below, Hubley introduced their line of six "Mighty Metal Trucks" in 1963. Two of
the six would soon disappear from the Hubley catalog, but the others - decked out in different colors
and assigned changing catalog numbers - remained part of the Hubley line-up for many years.

Hubley was renowned for its long history and prolific output in the toy industry. This new line of toys
was just one step in keeping pace with the competition and the growing demand for authentic looking
trucks. They were popular toys and could be found in almost any sandbox of the time.

It goes without saying that the Mighty Metal Trucks looked like the real thing. Were they supposed to
represent a specific manufactured brand? Probably not, although some say they were designed after
Ford trucks of the late 1950's. This doesn't make a lot of sense since it is doubtful any toy maker  
would want their trucks to look "old." Other collectors adamantly believe they were patterned after  
Dodge trucks, some say International, and still others insist they have General Motors characteristics.
Whatever the case may be, they looked tough, rugged, and ready to go to work.

In 1964 three new toys (actually adaptations based on the Pick-Up) were added . These were special
edition trucks that had relatively short lifespans in terms of production.

In addition to the nine basic Mighty Metal offerings, Hubley did make some Private Label trucks for
retail stores. Only one example is represented in this collection. There may have been others.

Enjoy your brief tour through a fascinating chapter in the storied legacy of one of America's most
respected makers of fine toys - Hubley.
From Playthings magazine - 5/1963