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Version #1  -  1946-47
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The "standard issue" Kar-Bike, introduced in
1946, is demonstrated by the restored example
shown here. The basic construction was of the
same tubular steel used in bicycle manufacturing
at the time. The original design featured two
tubular bars, but a second version that used only
one tubular bar for the body was also available.

Kar-Bikes were advertised from 1946 through
1949. Their market was probably limited by
significant shipping costs. They were very
rugged and stood up well to punishment, but few
are found intact today.
The steering wheel shaft was adjustable to suit
the driver's stature!
The V-Belt drive was smooth, quiet, and deadly
on pant leg cuffs.
This is an original New-Old-Stock Torrington Jr.
pedal - correct original equipment on Kar-Bikes.
When the V-Belt became worn you could easily
tighten it up with the lock bolt shown above.
The seat could be adjusted six ways (forward,
back, up, down, and tilt! Advanced engineering.
The rear axle rode in smooth-running ball
bearings held in the clamps at each wheel.
Although the original wheel size was 10x1.50, I
settled for 10x1.75 when I restored this toy.
The cast aluminum steering wheel was unique to
Kar-Bikes and is almost impossible to find today.