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Guest Page: Many thanks to Johnny Sutton
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Version #4  -  1947-??
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Thought to be extinct, this Model #S-2047 is
actually alive and well, living in Florida! Johnny
Sutton of Lake Lady, Florida is the lucky owner
of this rare Kar-Bike. The person he bought it
from in Seattle claims it was made by an old
gentleman as a prototype "for some toy
company in the mid-west."

Is it a "one-of-a-kind" prototype, or is there
another one out there waiting to be discovered?
If you know, please contact this web-site.

Johnny also sent in the undated Version #2
Kar-Bike ad shown at the bottom of this page.
Notice how small Version #4 is compared to
Johnny's Version #2 Kar-Bike.
Similar, but not identical steering linkage. Those
are 6" wheels! Front axle pivots - for SAFETY.
Interesting details showing shaped housings for front and rear v-belt pulleys and unique side-by-side
tube construction of the frame. No markings on pedals. No evidence of hub-caps ever being present.
Version #2 Ad
"Goes like the wind." -- Although undated, this ad showing a single-tube Version #2
example is very interesting in that the paint color appears to be of a lighter shade than
the ever-present maroon found on most Kar-Bikes. Could this be evidence that
pea-soup green was actually an original Kar-Bike color?