Kar-Bike Literarure
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About Kar-Bikes
Advertising and other literature regarding Kar-Bikes is very scarce. The ads
shown on this page and page 2 were published when Metal Specialties,
Inc., of Cudahy, Wisconsin was listed as the manufacturer.

Ads on the next page were published when the Weller Products Company
produced the Kar-Bike. You'll notice that their ads proclaim them as the
"originators and designers" of the Kar-Bike. This is hard to explain. Perhaps
the original design was by Weller and they contracted with Metal Specialties
to produce the first versions, later assuming production themselves. That's
just a guess.

Unless noted otherwise, all ads were originally full-page (8.5" x 11") when
Kar-Bike Photo Gallery
Kar-Bike Literature - Page 2
From Playthings - 6/1946. Original size: 6" x 7.5".
From Toys and Novelties, 8/1946.
Showing Version #1 example.
From House and Garden, 8/1946.
Showing single bar Version #2.
Original is 4.5"x11".
Note nifty Red and White two-tone
paint scheme! Hub-caps appear
smooth. Only $32.50!
From Toys and Novelties - 10/1946
This ad is from Playthings, 11/1946. Again
showing two examples of Version #1.