Miscellaneous Trucks
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Toys I just happened to like - but don't know much about.
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Buddy L Hertz Auto Transport
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One of only a very few Buddy L toys in my collection. This one has a lot of charm due to its Hertz
logos and car-loading action. I'm not sure what kind of cars came with it originally. A neat truck!
Smith-Miller Bank of America
I had to have some place to hide all my money - but the pennies kept falling out of the windows. My
one and only Smith-Miller. Great-looking trucks. Wish I had more of them.
Qualitoy Pick-Up (Canadian)
This is the only Qualitoy truck I have ever seen or heard of. Did they use old Buddy L or Tonka dies?
Were there other trucks in the line? Who knows? A very sharp truck with simple, yet rugged styling.
Comes with a load of vegetables - what kid
wouldn't want