Nylint Broncos and Hot Rods
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About Nylint Toys
#8200 - Bronco  -  1965-69
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When first introduced in 1965 Nylint called it the #8200 Roustabout. In 1966 it became the Bronco and
stayed that way through 1969. The Ford Motor Co. may have been unhappy with Nylint's "creative
liscense." Anyway, this initial toy gave rise to many popular variations to follow.
#8600 - Vacationer   -  1966-70
A popular and long-lived Bronco set was the #8600 Vacationer. The color choice was aimed to include
the girl market but it was still a boy's toy as well. The camping trailer is unique to this toy.
#8800 -Safari Hunt  -  1966-71
A nice compliment of nine jungle animals came with the #8800 Safari Hunt set. The adult elephant's
ears are often missing since they were easy to pull off.
This winch enabled the wild animal hunter to pull
the loaded animal cage up onto the trailer.
This ramp pulled out from its storage slot to
make loading the cage easier.
Safari Hunt Variation
This toy may have been produced as a special variation for a retail store such as Sears or Wards. It
is never shown in the Nylint catalogs and, therefore, its catalog number is unknown.
The orange color appears unique to this toy.
Note the simplified modification of the trailer.