Nylint  Cab-Over-Engine Trucks
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The Nylint Power and Light trucks were the first
Cab-Over-Engine (COE) trucks in the Nylint
line-up. They were superior examples of toys
made to represent the real thing.

Both were offered from 1959 through 1961.
There were no production changes during this

They are difficult to find in excellent condition and
with their accessory tools. The two shown here
also retain their original telephone poles.
#3200 Power and Light Lineman Truck  -  1959-61
The spool of cable actually contained copper strands embedded in the plastic wires in case young
Edison wanted to make some light bulbs light up. Note original plastic tools.
The yellow painted wheels were good replicas,
but the paint often peeled away. The lightning
bolt decal was a nice touch.
These two control wheels operated the boom's
clever rack-and-pinion elevator and the beaded
chain's hook deployment.
#3300 Power and Light Post-Hole Digger Truck
The Post-Hole Digger Truck could actually dig holes (in very soft dirt). With its rear-mounted generator
and in-bed tool box, it made for a very good-looking and hard-working toy truck.
By lifting the auger and moving the black metal
stop aside, the operator was ready to lower the
drill and start cranking!
This truck came with four 5/8" x 18" poles,
whereas the Lineman's Truck came with only