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#1300 Tournarocker
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Versions #1 and #2
Version #3  -  1953
Version #5
The most obvious change for 1953 was the enclosed cab. This same cab was used on other Nylint
toys of that era, thereby reducing production costs. And, it looked great!
Introduced in 1951, the square silver grille was
used through 1953 on the Tournarocker.
1953 was the last year Nylint used the simple
unadorned triangle decal.
While most of the dump bed construction
remained unchanged from 1951-52, the 1953
models introduced a beefed-up yoke connection
and hidden winch system using a wheel for
raising the bed.
Even with the significant change in the cab and
yoke design, the decals remained unchanged -
and the toy is still advertised as "authorized by
R.G. LeTourneau."
Version #4  -  1954-55
Version #4's only claim to fame is the redesigned grille. The simple sheet metal stamping replaced the
square silver grille, giving the toy a very handsome appearance.
In 1954, the Westinghouse labels were added to all Nylint construction toys that were based on real
machines made by the LeTourneau-Westinghouse Company.
The 1954 triangle added the words, "Nylint Tool
& Mfg Co., etc." around the perimeter.
The "Improved" labeling primarily referred to the
closed cab, but other changes were also made.