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Nylint Econolines - Remarkably
similar to the real thing! Some even
say that the Nylint Ford Econolines
were styled better than their real-
life counterparts. This was an
extremely popular toy line for Nylint
and ran from 1962 through 1972.
Please note that the toys shown here are listed in order by their model numbers. Some (such as
Private Label Trucks) did not have model numbers assigned and have been placed in relationship to
similar toys.
#5200 - Pick-Up  -  1962
Nylint's first Econoline was this red pick-up. Early Econoline features are depicted below and include  
FORD hubcaps, un-authentic dual headlights, and a Ford decal on the nose of the truck.
Real Ford Econolines never used dual headlight
pods as shown above.
The FORD hubcap and lug-type tire tread
indicate an early production toy.
#5700 - Pick-Up and Open Trailer  -  1962-64
A rarity as well as an oddity, this obviously early truck is shown in the 1962 through 1964 Nylint
catalogs as part of a set (#5700). The set included an orange dump truck and orange cement mixer. I
have never seen either of the latter. Was this set ever actually produced?
#5200 - Pick-Up  -  1963-65
Notice the headlight pods are now close approximations of the real thing. The front decal, hubcaps
and tire treads remain unchanged. The bumper, however, is a new design.
#5200 Pick-Up  - 1963-65
Here is a slightly later version as indicated by the fact that the front decal has been replaced by the
stamped and painted letters, "F O R D."