Nylint F-Series Dump Trucks
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#5000 - Dump Truck and Cement Mixer  -  1962-65
Certainly a favorite among collectors, Nylint's Dump Truck and Cement Mixer set is a knockout. Bright
yellow paint, rugged construction, and realistic play value add up to a very desirable toy.
Whitewall tires may not have been all that
authentic - but they sure looked great.
The most frequent problem with this set was that
the plastic mixer drum was easy to crack.
#5000 - Dump Truck and Cement Mixer  -  1966
The 1966 version of the #5000 Dump Truck and Cement Mixer with its revised cab and forest green
paint scheme slightly upstaged the original version above. Again, the whitewalls looked super! RARE.
#5001 - Dump Truck  -  1962-65
By far the most common Nylint Dump Truck is the red and yellow version shown above. Made for four
years, its production numbers were huge and many survive today.
What respectable sand box could be without a
hard-working Dump Truck?
The fine tire tread probably indicates a late
period toy (1964?).