Nylint F-Series Trucks - Pick-Ups, etc.
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Nylint F-Series trucks were beautifully done. Not only did they reflect the excellent lines of the real
trucks, they also replicated, in their own way, the "Twin-I-Beam" suspension Ford so proudly
introduced in their 1965 light-duty truck line.
#3800 - Ford Sales and Service  -  1960-61
Nylint's first F-Series truck was the Ford Sales and Service Pick-Up. It was modeled after the Ford
trucks of the early 1960's and did not feature the "Twin-I-Beam" suspension mentioned above.
Early Pick-Ups had separately applied plastic
taillights. This feature was soon dropped.
Nylint catalogs pictured this truck with a ladder.
Production toys did not include the ladder.
#4000 - Ford Speedway Special  -  1960-62
A most desirable set. The bronze and white paint scheme contrasted well. The plastic Indy-style racer
was an excellent accessory and the "action features" were well thought out. A great toy!
On this early truck Nylint used white taillights.
What were they thinking?
Trailer wheels were copies of those used on the
truck but of smaller diameter and size (8x19.5).
A clever tilt-bed design added realism and play
A wire front axle hook kept the racer in place
over those rough roads.