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#4500 - Ranch Truck  -  1961-64
Unquestionably one of the most common F-Series trucks was the #4500 Ranch Truck. An extremely
good looking truck, it sold by the tens of thousands. Its beautiful color scheme probably helped.
The rough box may be in contrast with the
pristine condition of the toy, but it is still a box.
The removable stake panels made this a very
versatile toy. You could haul about anything.
The familiar front end of the early 1960's trucks
was a faithfull representation of the real thing.
"For those who want the best," was a selling
gimmick that seemed to work. Many were sold.
#4700 - Happy Acres Truck  -  1961-62
Only offered for two years, the Happy Acres Truck was (except for color) identical to the #4500
Ranch Truck shown above. It's claim to fame however was that it came with four horses!
#7200 - Happy Rancher Set  -  1964
Sometimes confused with the Happy Acres truck above, the Happy Rancher truck is much rarer and
always came with a matching trailer and an assortment of people and animals.
Fine tread whitewall tires seem to have been
introduced about this year, 1964.
The door decal differs from that used on the
Happy Acres truck above.