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Nylint Late Period Construction Toys are those produced from about 1965 through 1975. During these
years chaos seemed to reign when it came to numbering and naming the toys in the Nylint catalogs.
It was not uncommon for a toy to change names from one year to the next. Catalog numbers, names
and illustrations were at times in conflict. The examples shown below are dated as accurately as
possible, but variances will be pointed out as they arise.
#1100 - Big Dig  -  1965
The first of the late period construction toys was the #1100 Big Dig. It is not known if this toy was
designed according to a real life prototype, but probably not. It still looked pretty good!
The round decal dates this particular toy to 1965. Another version was produced in 1966 with the
stylized '
N' decal. Notice the plastic wheels and the identical tread used on the #4200 Bulldozers.
#SR1100 - Big Dig  -  19?? (Sears Roebuck Version)
Nylint produced a special version of the Big Dig for the Sears Roebuck Stores. It was identical in every
way to the #1100 except for the SR prefix on the decal, the orange booms, and the steel wheels.
#1101 - Power Digger  -  1967-70
In 1967 the #1101 Power Digger took the place of the #1100 Big Dig in the Nylint catalogs. It featured
a newly styled cab, but kept the same boom and bucket arrangement. A very nice looking toy also!