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The following pages are dedicated to those few Nylint toys that just don't seem to fit into the other
categories. Most were produced during the mid to late fifties. Most exhibited some clever engineering
ideas worthy of note. And, most seemed to be able to grab a youngster's attention and keep him
occupied for hours. A great toy and a little imagination were a formula for time well spent.
#2300 - Elgin Street Sweeper  -  1957
There was actually a yellow-roofed version of this toy available in 1956. These seem to be extremely
hard to find. The #2300 Elgin Street Sweeper was modeled after an actual machine.
Remote control toys were gaining in popularity.
This was Nylint's only contribution to that fad.
The big "dust collecting bin" toward the front was
non-functional, but looked very purposeful.
Elgin was a widely recognized brand name and
readily granted their approval of this toy.
A horizontal "lifting" brush was supported by a
side-mounted "gathering" brush - both operational.
Note: Collectors are familiar with an early Street Sweeper (#1100) that was one of the very first Nylint
production toys, offered from 1950 to 1951. See the Early Toy section for a review of this excellently
lithographed and detailed wind-up.