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Sign from an old U-Haul display rack.
Nylint Rental trucks are an all time favorite.
Almost all of them carried the U-Haul logo and
featured bright orange and white paint schemes.

By now, knowledgeable collectors have noticed
that the nice-looking U-Haul stake-bed at right is
a fake. Nylint never made such a truck. But, they
should have! (By the way I used "plasti-kote
Chrysler Orange No. 226 engine enamel" when I
custom restored this truck.)

The remainder of the trucks in this section are
authentic and unrestored.
#4100F - U-Haul Truck & Trailer Set  - 1961-64
In 1961 Nylint introduced their first U-Haul truck, the #4100 2-piece set. The example shown here is a
bit later in that it does not carry the rear-quarter-panel rectangular logo and the box is marked #4100F.
#4100 - U-Haul Truck & Trailer Set  -  1965-66
Basically the same #4100 set as shown above, but this time the new 1965-style cab is used. The
#4100 was discontinued from Nylint catalogs after 1966.
#4100 - U-Haul Truck & Trailer Set
Once in a while collectors will encounter the #4100 set with the 1965-style cab but it will have the
"Twin-I-Beam" decal on the door instead of the U-Haul logo. This is rare, but original.