Nylint Literature
About Nylint Toys
Nylint Advertising
Magazine ads from 1947 through 1969.
Nylint One Page Brochures
Double-sided, single sheet brochures from 1962 - 1967.
From Tools to Toys
An historical account of the beginning of the Ny-Lint
Company, as recorded in
Toys and Novelties - August,
Hough Payloader Booklets
View the booklets that came with the No. 1600 Hough
Payloader toy and the REAL Hough HM Payloader.
The Co-Operator Magazine
The January, 1956 issue of the Co-Operator magazine
as published by the Le Tourneau Co. includes some
great photos of the actual machines Nylint toys were
modeled after.
This Santa flyer probably dates from 1954 or 1955.