PMC Photo Gallery - S-100 Pick-Ups
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1956 Pick-Ups & Triple Diamond Replica
Which one is the replica?

In the early 1990's, brothers Tony and Bill Slivka
contacted PM Plastics to inquire about some of
the old tooling used to create Product Miniature
toys. They were able to buy the molds for the
1956 S-100 series just days before they were
scheduled to be scrapped.

Their efforts resulted in a line of trucks that are
truly accurate and beautiful scale models. They
were marketed out of Des Plaines, Illinois under
the name of Triple Diamond Replicas .
On this nice-looking red and white truck you'll notice the lack of precise color separation along the
hood lines (It's also missing a hub-cap.)
This second example shows better paint control. Notice that the red example above and this truck
both have headlight rims painted body color. There is very slight warpage on the truck bed.
This is the replica. It is excellently detailed. Not only is the color separation perfect, but they've added
a little extra silver trim (including headlight rims, parking lights, door handles and badging). The door
decal is slightly changed and an "International" decal has been added to the tailgate. Note black
runningboards and nifty side-mounted spare tire! Just a beautiful truck.