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Metro Vans
By today's standards, you might say that the
PMC IHC Metro Vans were a politically incorrect
toy. When the van was backed up, the rear door
rolled out to reveal a drawer suitable for holding
20 cigarettes.

One must remember, however, that these vans
were primarily meant to be dealership promos.
The company was not trying to promote smoking
to children.

They came in three colors plus the rare U.S. Mail
version. Only minor production changes occurred.
Perhaps the most common color for the Metro Van was beige. All versions had plastic wheels in a
matching color scheme. The trucks had steel axles.
Another common color was light green. Do you see the production difference between this truck and
the one above? (answer below)
Here we see how the rear drawer (door) extended outward so that the sales manager could offer the
prospect fleet buyer a cigarette. And who didn't smoke in those days?        [answer: no rear bumper]
Red seems to be the hardest color to find. Most (but not all) vans came with the IHC logo on the roof.
Notice the metal counterweight inside the front compartment above the front axle - some were square.