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International Pick-Ups - Version 2
The next iteration of the International pick-up
came in about 1951. Some of the earliest trucks
still carried the "triple diamond" door decals.
Later editions used the bolder IH decals.

It is uncertain which colors appeared first. Earlier
literature shows the salmon and green trucks,
with the yellow color first appearing in 1954 as a
motorized toy.

A change in the chemical nature of the plastic
resulted in warped bodies on many of these
Slight warpage can be seen on this example. Before you criticize the salmon color, be sure to check
out the literature section to see an ad portraying an actual IHC pick-up in this exact color!
At first glance this green truck may appear identical to the salmon truck above, but note the change in
decals as well as the front end design. These changes were made to keep the truck updated.
This yellow example features a friction-drive motor hidden beneath the hood. This truck was first
introduced in 1954. It is possible that yellow pick-ups were made without the "motorized" feature.
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