PMC Photo Gallery - Wienermobiles
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As a kid growing up in Milwaukee I remember
being thrilled beyond my wildest dreams when I
personally viewed a real Wienermobile. Yes, I
was among the screaming throngs of children
hoping beyond hope that I would be lucky
enough to catch a wiener whistle being tossed
out of the top of the car by a midget playing
Little Oscar. And guess what, I was!

I think I was 9 at the time. Embarasing now, but
what a powerful advertising tool! The toys were
pretty cool too. See below.
Introduced in 1954, the toy Wienermobile was a copy of a fleet of real vehicles that patrolled major
cities promoting the Oscar Mayer brand of sausages. My cousin drove one. She loved her job.
Although there was a place to tie up, no string or
cord came with the toy
The motion of the toy caused Little Oscar to bob
in and out of the top.
I do not believe a wiener whistle was originally
included with the boxed toy.
An up close view of a real wienermobile whistle.
It made a shrill and very annoying sound. Neat.
The release date of this second version of the Wienermobile is reportedly 1992. This is uncertain, but
judging by the design elements, it is definitely plausible.
Again, the exact date of the third version Wienermobile shown here, is uncertain. It is very futuristic
and 1996 seems appropriate.