Minnitoys From the Ron McBain Collection
Many thanks to Ron McBain of Kelowna, British
Columbia, for sharing photos of his Minnitoy collection!
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These two trucks are representative of the early style Minnitoys. The Minnitransport Co. box is shown
It wasn't long before the OTACO company upgraded the quality and construction of their rapidly
growing toy truck line. The new trucks featured spot welding, deeply drawn shapes, thick steel and
very rugged construction. They were truly built to take any punishment a serious young truck driver
could dish out. They were also very handsome in appearance. These are the trucks most popular with
today's collectors.
The Pepsi Truck is rare and highly sought after - especially in this outstanding original condition! Ron
also has another Pepsi Truck with French lettering.
The Hydraulic Dump Truck came in both a single and dual rear axle configurations as these two
examples demonstrate. Dual axle trucks are very desirable from a collector's standpoint.