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Sears Semi-Tractor-Trailer Truck by Marx
This Sears truck by Marx is almost identical in construction to the Newberry's truck. This same trailer
design was used by Marx for many years on many different trucks - a very economical move.
The single-axle trailer was a step down in design.
Duals looked much better
Rear doors were stiffened by embossing a
distinctive design on them. Hinges were strong.
The deep blue Sears Roebuck And Co. cab was enhanced by gold accents and a red details. Looks like
this one might have rear-ended someone at some time.
Allstate Sears Semi-Tractor-Trailer Truck by Marx
Allstate trucks were made by Marx as an exclusive line for Sears. This truck is shown in a 1959 Sears ad
but may have also been available before and/or after that year. Cab seems out of proportion to trailer.
The cab does not represent any make or model of a real truck but looks like it was intended to portray
futuristic styling. Note that the same Marx trailer design is used once again!
Allstate Sears Straight Truck by Marx
This straight truck has the same markings as the semi above but is much harder to find. The rear
drop-down tailgate is missing - as are most of them on this style of truck.