Straddle Carriers
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About Straddle Carriers
Cari-Cars by Swan-Hill
Straddle Carriers made by the Druge
Brothers Manufacturing Co. of Oakland,
California came in two sizes. Their literature
refers to them as the 6" version and the 12"

Their advertisement pictured the real
machine their toys were modeled after - a
remarkable likeness!

Sadly, the Druge Brothers Manufacturing
Co. went out of business after producing
these two wonderful toys - their only
#51 - 12" Druge Hyster Straddle Truck
The Hyster Straddle Truck by Druge is a remarkably well-engineered toy. It duplicated the four-wheel
steering and the loading action of the real thing. It came with six pieces of 3/4" x 1-3/8" x 12-5/8" wood.
The original machine was chain-driven - a feature
not modeled on the toy. Note differential and shafts.
The steering wheel turned all four wheels smoothly
using cast gears and pressed steel arms. Great!
The tires were specially made for this toy.
Excellent detail throughout!
Finding a toy with its original aluminum pallet is
extremely difficult.
#50 -  6" Druge Hyster Straddle Truck
Although many, many times rarer than the 12" version, the 6" version didn't sacrifice much in detail
compared to its bigger brother. Both captured the essence of the real machine perfectly.
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