Structo Trucks
1950's Structo Trucks - Page 1
1960's Structo Trucks - Page 1
Doodle Bug - Airport Tug
The Structo Manufacturing Company of Freeport, Illinois was a dominating factor in the toy industry
for many decades. A quite comprehensive listing of their line of transportation toys can be found in
McElwee's Collector's Guide #9 which covers the years 1912 through 1976. These guides can still be
purchased on eBay.

The Structo toys in my collection are mostly from the 1960's, with only a couple from the 1950's.

My best friend has an extensive collection of the cast cab-overs which were produced during the
1950's. Included in his collection are a number of nice private label trucks that are extremely rare
today. Perhaps one day we'll get them posted on this site. In the meantime you'll have to be satisfied
with my two.

After the two cast cab-overs, you'll see trucks mostly from 1961 through 1968. This is the era that
drew my attention. I'll post their photos in chronological order as best I can. Sometimes it's a bit hard
to place a year of production on some Structo toys since their catalogs carried several different
design lines simultaneously. Their numbering system also changed with the wind. Very confusing.

Structo was a strong competitor in the toy market and they made some very handsome trucks. Enjoy
your Structo tour!